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松下藍光播放器 DP-UB900 $1299



√ 1.Advanced image decoding and processing technology, high definition picture quality, real color, true 4K@60Hz point-to-point video output, wide range HDR/HDR10, 10Bit color depth, 1.07 billion color rendering;
√ 2.High-fidelity lossless sound quality, supporting panoramic sound, secondary track source code output, and highly restoring natural sounds;
√ 3.Watch more complete movies, support 4K UHD/HDR original navigation menu, and enjoy the complete content of blue light movies;
√ 4.Automatic poster wall, automatic scanning, classification and film details presentation, and revolutionary way of browsing local resources;
√ 5.H.265/HEVC true 4K hardware decoding, smooth decoding up to 200MBPS high code flow;
√ 6.Support blue-light 3D film play, and experience the effect of 3D cinema at home;
√ one-touch switching of film audio track and subtitle, without stepping deep layer by layer setting;
√ 8.Support the reading and playing of U disk, mobile hard disk and 2T ~ 12T ultra-large hard disk;
√ 9.Support SAMBA/NFS local area network sharing, play 3D and 4K extremely clear movies, without frequent unplugging of storage devices and back and forth copying;
√ 10.IEEE 802.11B/G/N/AC extremely fast wireless network, local area network plays smoothly without jamming;
√ 11.Low-power Bluetooth 4.0, which can connect a variety of extension devices such as speaker, keyboard and mouse, and the machine is more flexible to use;
√ 12.Support IP control, RS 232 control and Control4 smart home control mode;
√ 13.Smart heat dissipation fan, stronger wind;
√ 14.Hisilicon 4-core 64-bit A53 processor, strong audio and video decoding ability;
√ 15.Large white LED display screen, which can grasp the working state of the machine at any time and luxurious atmosphere.

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